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Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your tremendous support over the last 18 months.

Most of you will know that there was a change of administration in Richmond Council following the May elections, and the previous Council’s scheme to redevelop Twickenham Riverside through “enabling development” including houses and a River Centre has now been cancelled.

The new Conservative Council has already started work on opening up a small piece of land in front of the public toilets at the bottom of Water Lane.  This will give residents and visitors to Twickenham an interesting new place to sit and enjoy the river.

The new Leader of the Council, Cllr Nick True, in his manifesto, pledged to hold a consultation event within 100 days of the election to hear what the public would like to see happen on the site.

We believe that the correct time to hold an AGM of the Friends of Twickenham Riverside is after this 100 day meeting, when the way ahead will be clearer for the roles that both the Council and the Friends, as well as other community groups, will play in the future of the site.